Stress Management Workshop

We are all exposed to different types of pressures in our lives, whether for work, health or emotional reasons.
These pressures accumulate in our bodies, our minds and overwhelm us by paralyzing or even overflowing our self.
In this workshop we will acquire the necessary tools so that, in an intelligent way, we can be the ones who control our emotions and regulate our energy to be able to pass through the most difficult moments with greater calm and serenity.
This contribution will bring us countless benefits allowing us to enjoy life in a healthier and happier way.

Basic Course Program:

  • obtain tools that allow us to control situations that generate stress in a serene way.
  • achieve a greater breadth of consciousness through the knowledge of our energetic body.
  • learn how to register and cleanse our physical and energetic body.
  • develop the power of self-control to apply it in our daily lives.
  • Learn how to manage our energy to successfully achieve our purposes.


Module 1: What is Stress
Definition of stress. Introduction to the energy field. Definition of Prana or Vital Energy. Techniques to get energy. Prana from the Sun. Air Prana. Earth Prana, Water prana, food and its qualities.

Module 2: Energy body
Knowledge of our energetic body. Chakras (energy centers) and their basic functions.

Module 3: Stress Relief
Techniques to be able to cleanse the stress energy of our body. Practical exercises to achieve greater serenity when dealing with difficult situations. Pranayama or breath control.

Module 4: Meditation on Twin Hearts
Meditation technique that cleanses and energizes our body. Learn how to remove stress energy from home and office. Techniques to increase our ability to concentrate and obtain greater mental clarity.

Basic Course Hours: 6 hrs
Classes: 3 days

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