Sol Painceira

Learning and evolving: two words that have always defined me.

Outdoor life, sports and time spent with family and loved ones were the pillars that accompanied my growth. My friendship with Agustina since childhood led me to embrace daily meditation as a way of life. Later on, I took courses and also became a pranic healer.

In addition to my university degree in economics, I became interested in, social matters and needs. I shared that concern with my two brothers. Together we have the gratifying experience of helping each other. Touring the city on winter nights to offer coffee and hot food to neighbors who needed it was one of those experiences of enormous personal growth.

My professional life led me to work in the finance area of large companies in Buenos Aires, in planning, management control and consulting. But those pillars of the first years were still strong inside me, showing me the path.

My journey continued in the social public function, focused on the environment, forestry, the creation of vegetable gardens in poor neighborhoods and social assistance canteens are the axes of my daily work.

Atman was born in connection with this necessary growth and expansion of consciousness. A shared project that combines what is most valuable to me: wellbeing, spirituality and friendship.

I celebrate this new awakening that, once again, invites us to continue evolving and improving our quality of life.