Pranic Healing

It is the ancestral science and the art of healing that uses prana, ki or vital energy to heal the entire physical body.
The physical body has the ability to heal itself. By cleaning and increasing the vital energy of the whole body, the healing process accelerates.

Basic Course Program:

Exercises to see and perceive Pranic Energy
Energy anatomy. Functions of the human energy system and its 11 major chakras minor chakras and mini-chakras.
Step-by-step techniques to cure energy abnormalities of simple to moderate diseases.
Feel with your own hands the level and energy status of the aura and chakras.
Cleansing and Energizing the Aura.
Preventive Healing, remove negative energy patterns of disease to prevent its manifestation.
Distance Healing
Simple techniques for stress management.
How not to contaminate and stay clean and healthy.
Simple physical exercises to unlock the energy system and recharge it in a few minutes.
Breathing techniques to recharge and purify the body.
Balance energy centers with Meditation on Twin Hearts.
Divine Healing how and when to apply divine energy and Invocative Healing.

Basic Course Hours: 18 hrs
Classes: 2 days

Agustina Caminos Basic Pranic Healing Instructor
USA Pranic Healing – Institute for Inner Studies, Philippines – Word Pranic Healing Foundation

All courses explain all the principles and perform internships gaining confidence in the healing capacity we all have. A diploma is awarded from the Institute for Inner Studies in the Philippines and there is a Certification, Instructor Training and Healing Support program.

Other Courses:

– Advanced Course

– Pranic Psychotherapy

– Pranic Healing with Crystals

– Psychic Self-Defense

– Feng-Shui Pranic

– Kriyashakti

– Higher Clairvoyance

– Arhatic Yoga

– Meditations

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