Vedic Culture

Vedic culture is an ancient culture, pre-Hinduism that has its roots in Tibet, Nepal, and India. The term Veda comes from Sanskrit and means “knowledge”. The Vedas are teachings of spiritual and material wisdom. In ancient times, they were transmitted orally, from teachers to disciples, but over time they were written in texts called Sutras (knowledge in synthesis), reaching other regions of the world. Part of this culture came to the West, such as Yoga and other specialties were also incorporated such as Ayur-veda (holistic medicine) and Jyotir-veda (Karmic Astrology) and others such as Marmas (massages), Mantras (Therapy Musician), Ayur-vegam (Ayur-Vedic Cuisine), Vastv-vidya (Vedic Feng-shui), etc. All these disciplines contribute to spiritual and material development in harmony with nature. The Vedas are the cultural heritage of humanity.