Awakening Consciousness and Enhancing The Perfection of The Self

ATMAN was designed to provide you with the necessary tools to awaken your consciousness, seek the highest perfection of the self, find harmony and peace through practice, knowledge and discipline.

By learning to control our emotions, develop attitudes and skills to reach our full potential, we can positively influence all areas of our lives, improve professional and family relationships, our behavior, the ability to undertake and attract what we need.

We believe that “It is in giving that we receive”, that is the reason why with every purchase you make, Atman collaborates with Pranic Healing Foundation Feeding Program and The ReefLine for the preservation of the oceans.

The products we designed to perform practices such as yoga, meditation and other activities. They have thoughtful messages of empowerment and healing and are manufactured with ecological materials to preserve our planet.


Meditation is just being. When you're being, you're meditating. Only in this respect you are yourself. Meditation, you can't do it. you can't practice it, you can only understand it.