Agustina Caminos

Since my childhood I started to practice yoga with my grandparents who were both instructors, at the age of 8, my grandfather taught me Pranayama, that is a very powerful breathing technique...
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Melania Casas

My name is Melania Casas, and I consider myself an entrepreneur in everything I do. Mother of 3 boys, Accountant, Licentiate in Administration, and the third pillar of Atman...
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Sol Painceira

Learning and evolving: two words that have always defined me. Outdoor life, sports and time spent with family and loved ones were the pillars that accompanied my growth...
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ATMAN was designed to provide you with the necessary tools to awaken your consciousness, seek the highest perfection of the self, find harmony and peace through practice, knowledge and discipline.


Meditation is just being. When you're being, you're meditating. Only in this respect you are yourself.
Meditation, you can't do it. you can't practice it, you can only understand it.


Meditation is not of this religion or that religion, it belongs to no one, and yet everyone can experience it. It is universal and works with anyone who is attentive, attentive in a state of meditation.